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a Designer / Front-end Developer living in Chicago

/ Paulina Market

Paulina Meat Market is an old-school German butcher shop, located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago since 1949. At the time of opening, there were more than 25 butcher shops in the neighborhood, and by the early 1990s, Paulina was the only one remaining, surviving by simultaneously embracing innovation and ensuring quality.

Paulina currently does not have a defined logo. For the redesign, I wanted to give them a classic logo that also pays homage to Chicago and their strong history and connection to it.

/ Sweety Pies Bakery

Sweety Pies Bakery is a family-owned bakery in Skokie, IL. They pride themselves in their family recipes and specialize in pies, cakes and cupcakes.

For the re-brand, although they make other products, I focused on their namesake pies. I hand-drew the logo in keeping with the spirit of the handmade products of Sweety Pies.

/ Icon Modern

Icon Modern is a manufacturer of custom sustainable furniture in the Chicagoland area. They source unique raw materials from Chicago and beyond.

This site is fully responsive, built using Drupal with a custom theme and custom code. It is live, and I’m currently migrating it from a small hosting provider to Amazon Web Services.

/ Orange Is The New Black

AOrange Is the New Black is a 2010 memoir by Piper Kerman, which tells the story of her money laundering and drug trafficking conviction and subsequent year in a women’s prison.

Piper transported a suitcase full of money from Chicago to Brussels, which was my inspiration for the book cover.

/ Cacique Rum

Cacique is a top-selling Venezuelan rum. Traditionally in the tribes of Venezuela, the privilege of sharing the rum was exclusive to the chief, or cacique in Spanish. While widely known in Venezuela, the brand has struggled to build brand awareness outside the country.

I strived to emphasize tradition and featured the cacique on the bottle, while modernizing his look. I paired the packaging with an app that allows people to be the cacique and share the rum with friends, all while raising awareness of the brand.

/ Award Showdown

“Let your boyfriends have fantasy football, this app is for us girls.” Award Showdown is an idea I’ve had for a while and am in the process of bringing it to life.

This app/website easily allows you to either draft a team of artists from television, movies and music, which we call the showdown, or allows you to participate in what we call the ballot battle where you can battle friends during each award show.

/ Chicago Restaurant Week

Each year over 250 Chicago restaurants participate in Chicago Restaurant Week. It gives visitors and local foodies an opportunity to enjoy specialty prix fixe menus while driving business and publicity for the restaurants.

For the brandbook I decided to focus on beautiful food photography to showcase the true artform, and for the logo I used the iconic buildings of Chicago and decided to put the fork, spoon and knife together to form a Chicago 6 pointed star.

/ Two Brothers Brewing

Two Brothers Brewing Company is a local brewery whose founders have dedicated themselves to creating artisan beers. All Two Brothers beers begin life in a lab. The beer is viewed under microscopes, analyzed, and inspected to ensure the correct oxygen levels, alcohol content and other factors that make a great beer.

This scientific process inspired the new Two Brothers labels: I wanted them to look scientific, as well as modern.

/ Logo Design & Branding

Below is a collection of various logos that I have done over time for friends, personal use, or just for fun. I really enjoy making logos and the logo making process. I especially enjoy iterating and tweaking logos along the way. I have really been surprised what amazing thing I have come up with on accident. It is a great feeling!

/ Paulina Market

Logo Design, Branding, Packaging, UI, UX

/ Sweety Pies

Branding, Logo Design, Packaging

/ Icon Modern

Drupal, Web Development, UX

/ Orange is the new black

Book cover re-design, logo design

/ Cacique Rum

Packaging, Digital Design, Application Design, Logo Design

/ Award Showdown

UI, UX, Application Design, Logo Design

/ Chicago Restaurant Week

Logo Design, Branding, Editorial Design, Web, Applications

/ Two Brothers Brewing

Logo Design, Branding, Packaging

/ Various Logos

Logo Design, Branding

/ About Me

My name is Ali Baker and I am a Graphic Designer, Front-end Developer, and an aspiring UI/UX Designer.

7 years ago I moved here from Florida and never looked back (yes, I am one of the few to make it out of Florida normal). Me and my husband Lee love to travel around the world and experience new and different cultures. We have visited Europe, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, South America, but I have never visited Pennsylvania. Once at a club in Budapest, I got separated (with no money and 40 min away from our hotel) from Lee...he still ended up marrying me. 3,200 of the 3,500 photos on my phone are of my goldendoodle Dexter. I hope to one day have my own start-up.

Oh yeah....I also have pretty severe FOMO and have been known to have fun even with a cold!

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